Grenade Hydra 6 1.8kg 52 servings - Chocolate Charge

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GR-H6-1-8KG-Chocolate Charge

Chocolate Charge, A 50:50 blend of Whey Protein Isolate and ultrafiltered Micellar Casein in the form of Grenade Hydra-6, the perfect “50/50″ ratio, which research suggests offers benefits to taking either whey protein or casein on their own. Hydra 6 offers the versatility and convenience of not having to buy two separate proteins for different times of the day and is designed to feed your muscles with the highest quality protein available.

When it comes to whey protein, science indicates that the higher the peak in our blood essential amino acid levels, the greater the signal to the muscles to start the process of protein synthesis which aids in muscle building. Several studies suggest that whey stops delivering amino acids after about 3.5 hours, whereas the other major milk protein, casein, not only delivers its amino acids for longer, but has been suggested to be superior for support. Other studies also propose that combination proteins which include whey and casein have a more potent muscle-building effect in the four hours after a weight-training session compared with whey protein alone. Casein has the supposed ability to act like a “drip-feed”, delivering amino acids to the blood over at least seven hours, and exhibits anti-catabolic properties which prevents muscle breakdown in addition to supporting growth.

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