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Liver and Organ Defender by Rich Piana 5% Nutrition is by far the most advanced Liver and Organ support supplement ever developed!

You can't put a price on the health of your vital organs and Rich Piana 5% Nutrition have formulated a product boasting a huge ingredient profile are research driven doses. The Liver & Organ Defender has been designed to support the following;

Liver function, Blood pressure, Prostate health, Kindness function, Skin quality

Don't be put of by the 9 capsule serving size as this just proves Rich Piana 5% Nutrition haven't cut back on dosages and have ensured its dosed to the max! Lets take a closer look at the components and ingredients in the Liver and Organ Defender;

Liver Support - As we mentioned this is more than just a standard low dosed Milk Thistle liver support product. Per serving you will find  1,000mg of N-Acetyl Cysteine and 30mg of L-Glutathione. Both are research driven and will work to keep liver toxicity levels as low as possible

Heart Support - A 5 ingredient blend which will act to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Ingredients such as Garlic Extract, Hawthorn Berry and Alpha-Lipoeic Acid are all key to these actions as well as improving insulin resistance and l;lowering LDL cholesterol  

Kidney Support - Cordyceps Sinensis has been added at 500mg per serving and plays a key role in improving kidney function. This is through its ability to ease symptoms of kidney failure and also inpporvong blood flow which moves directly to and from the kidneys. 

Skin Support - Acne and other skin related issues can often be a worry of concern to a lot of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Rich Piana 5% Nutrition have highlighted this concern and have added 2 ingredients in the form of Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate and Selenium Glycerinate Chelate to conquer these concerns! One of the biggest causes of acne is the androgen known as DHT which can cause poor skin quality. Zinc will fight to prevent the build up of this particular androgen and Selenium has been shown to improve elasticity of the skin as well as reducing scarring from previous acne outbreaks

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